Spotted Dick and Getting back to the roots in CS3

I bet you sure never ever have seen that kind of image/ rendering / texture. Blue one is mine. Green one is Joaquim' s quick edit of an earlier version of mine.

Grainy crop.

I will probably leave it at this. Maybe .. I'm not completly happy about the look of it, but it's a start.


JoKKe said...

Looks great, taken in consideration that you haven't worked that much in IL / PS.

JoKKe said...

You might want to try to overlay some different b/w textures and see which ones give the best result.

Also, try to roughen up the edges of the vector artwork to blend it into the background.

How does it look when framed?

Finally you could try and throw in some vague streaks onto the background behind the main shapes.

wallpapers said...

tak tak tak fr fin konstruktiv kommentar :D