Random sketchyness & 1 movie

I saw something that turned out to be Vincent Gallo's "Buffalo '66" last night. Great "late night odd movie" !


The joey!Groon cover got into January's GAFFA edition in a www.mymusic.dk
commercial. LOVELY!

I would deffently preferred it to have more contrast, but that is something I have to keep an eye on from now on.


one dirty macbook

and two other versions


Spotted Dick and Getting back to the roots in CS3

I bet you sure never ever have seen that kind of image/ rendering / texture. Blue one is mine. Green one is Joaquim' s quick edit of an earlier version of mine.

Grainy crop.

I will probably leave it at this. Maybe .. I'm not completly happy about the look of it, but it's a start.

"Windows"at it's best

Breakfast around new year

This year I am gonna eat all heathy and good.

Fluorescent tomatoes and everything